A B O U T   E M M A   K N I G H T   T H E   B R A N D


J E W E L L E R Y 

P A I N T I N G   A N D   P H O T O G R A P H Y

Contemporary, sculptural jewellery, often inspired by the natural world. My jewellery also takes influence from Modernist Art movements such as Minimalism and Abstraction. The ethos of the Bauhaus school, where fine art, craft and design merge is also reflected my practice.

I see jewellery as a crossover between multiple disciplines and audiences.


The making process behind myt Jewellery is a conscious balance between the machine-made, and handcrafted. I utilise modern making techniques such as laser cutting and 3D printing but also celebrate the historical importance, individuality and care possible through the handcrafted.


I work in Sterling Silver, wood, plastics and more recently, Enamel.

My Painting and Photography is very much drawn to nature. This side of my creative practice also feeds into my jewellery making and vice/versa. 

My art shines a spotlight on curiosities that others may not notice. The creation and documentation of beach mandalas from found shells, the whale-like, humble forms of the arched blue barns in the landscape of my homeland. 

Both signed prints and original works are available to purchase. 

Feel free to email emmaknightdesign@gmail.com with any inquiries.

W H O   I S    E M M A   K ?

I was born and reared among the rolling drumlins of rural County Down, Northern Ireland/ North of Ireland, a five-minute drive from the Irish sea and Mourne Mountains. My family is a blend of English teachers and Engineers.

Growing up in a house of storytellers, makers, and problem solvers has definitely informed how I interpret and contribute to the world. Family activities would often involve some form of construction ~ giant lego houses in the back garden, building and tiling the family kitchen s a team or assisting in the construction of my dads latest invented toys.

The house I was reared in was previously owned by portrait painter, Lydia deBurgh. In the back garden, I remember sometimes discovering animal bones that were buried by the artist's dogs. I would treasure these artifacts, dreaming of the lives and stories that once dwelled in the garden. Annual Family Holidays to Achill Island in County Mayo, the land of Paul and Grace Henry who are seen as the founders of Irish Art has also subconsciously made an impact on my path in life, recognizing Art as a career possibility.


The social situation in Northern Ireland In recent years, coming to terms with the significance of growing up in a mixed marriage during the peace process has also been influential to my making. This plural heritage in a polarised society is a rarity for my generation. Concerned in the amount of healing my communities still need post troubles, post-brexit, and now post-pandemic, has me drawn to remedies for healing.

My mixed heritage may also be why I have a strong desire to cross disciplines and cross audiences in my practice. I currently don't fully aline myself to one particular field.

I am now based close to the bubbly peaks of the Montserrat Mountains, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It has been a gradual transition, but I finally earthed my roots here a little more permanently in early 2022.



A W A R D S   A N D   G R A N T S

BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, 1st Class Hons.

Melbourne Study Exchange, RMIT University.

Foundation Diploma in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London.

BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design, SERC, Downpatrick, Triple Distinction.

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2012 -

2009-2010 -


2008-2010 - 

 Arts Council NI Artist Covid resilience Grant.


John Lathams Flat Time House Artist Mentorship Award for final piece, Loughinisland Series, the Henhouse Boy


Scholarship to study at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

All Ireland Scholarship, JP McManus.

2021 -

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