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  • Are your earrings Sterling Silver?
    Yes they sure are. It is extremely important to me that all products use high quality Sterling Silver so you are sure of quality. You dont have to worry about those sensitive ears.
  • Is Emma Knight a concious brand?
    It is extremely important to me that my brand is as ethical and sustainable as possible, aswell as being transparent. Whether it be caring for our planet, or who I buy my materials from, it is important to me that the items I produce are as have a low impact on the environment and the materials I work with come from just sources. Materials I am proud to say that 70% of the materials I use come from reclaimed sources and which would otherwise be thrown into the bin. Emma Knight Design began as a project working with a reclaimed plastic from a company in County Down, Northern Ireland. Much of the perspex, abs plastics, and resin used today are still reclaimed from the same source. All stone+resin mixed material is also reclaimed from another County Down firm. Silver Much of the silver I is Eco Silver, made from recycled silver. Any scrap materials stay in the loop, recycled once more. This conscious decision prevents any unnecessary mining of precious metals. Air carbon footprint Once a year, when traveling to visit family, I fill up a suitcase with a mega stash of supplies to last me the year. This means that the flight carbon footprint of my jewellery is as low as possible.
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