Mediterranean Remedy Series

A collection of jewellery inspired by the Medicinal Plants of the Mediterranean coast.

Healing Recipes.

Minimal pendants and rings of fine silver, featuring white enamel with hand-drawn coloured details. Each colour corresponds to a particular plant or flower that dwells on the

Mediterranean coast. These pencil-like lines, are like recipes sketched on paper.

The collection has been influenced by the calming, minimalist work of painter, Agnes Martin.


Each item has been created using a variety of machine-making and handcrafting techniques. Silver parts have been designed on CAD, 3D printed, and then cast in Fine Silver in a local Barcelona foundery. Enamel is fused to laser-cut copper in an oven using skilled enamelling techniques. The pieces are then assembled using rivets. All pieces are enamelled and finished by hand in my Barcelona Studio.



Fine Silver, Copper, Enamel, Sterling Silver Chain.

Custom Orders Available

If you have a particular plant, flower or recipe in mind that you would like to have embodied as a Mediterranean Remedy piece, get in touch and I an create a custom design for you.

Made in Barcelona

Coming Soon...